FEBRUARY 18-20, 2022


Ted Cunningham is the founding pastor of Woodland Hills Family Church in Branson, Missouri. He and his wife, Amy, have been married for over 20 years and have two children, Corynn and Carson. Ted is the author of Fun Loving YouTrophy Child, and Young and In Love, and coauthor of four books with Dr. Gary Smalley including The Language of Sex and From Anger to Intimacy. Ted’s most recent release is A Love That Laughs. He is a comedian on the Date Night Comedy Tour and a frequent conference speaker at churches and events across the nation. Ted is a graduate of Liberty University and Dallas Theological Seminary.


The Jason Johnson Band

Jason has led worship around the country and world for over 2 decades working to help people connect with God through song. He continues this work today through development of future worship leaders and culture makers in Austin and abroad as the Pastor at REV1211.

Family Life Weekend



Kids of all ages will have a blast at Family Life Weekend. They'll enjoy exciting worship, small group sessions, great food, and "The Amazing Race" experience.


Family Life Weekend is the perfect opportunity for students to be part of something bigger than themselves.They'll be pushed spiritually to take their relationship with God to the next level.


Family Life Weekend isn't just for the kids! Come get equipped with powerful workshops full of practical parenting and family tools that you can use to build a family that honors God.

Family Life Weekend Schedule


5:15 PM – Registration Opens and Kids Ministry Block Party 

6:00 PM – Hamburger and hotdog dinner 

7:15 PM- Doors open for Worship Gathering (Student, Adults) and Kids Ministry for Newborn- 5th grade in Kids Building 

8:30 PM- Students to Small Groups at Church


8:30 AM – Kid Building Doors Open (Kids Ministry will take place until lunch)

8:45 AM- Students having breakfast in Student Building, Adults Morning Worship Gathering

9:00 AM- Adult Breakout Session 1

9:15 AM- Student Morning Challenge and Worship

10:15 AM – Break Time for Adults and Students

10:30 AM – Adult Breakout Session 2 and Student Bible Study

12:00 PM- Chicken Strip and Nugget Lunch in the Student Building

1:00 PM- The Amazing Race starts from the rec. field. 

(Free Time once The Amazing Race is finished until dinner)

5:00 PM- Kids and Adults Pasta Dinner begins in the Student Building

5:30 PM- Students Arrive for Dinner

6:15 PM- Doors open for Worship Gathering (Student, Adults)

6:30 PM- Worship Gathering (Student, Adult) Elementary will start in the main building and then move to the Kids Building after the music. 

8:00 PM- Students to student building

8:30 PM -Students to Small Groups at Church


9:30 AM-  Kids Ministry Open, Worship Gathering (HS Students and Adults), Bible Study (Jr High Students)  

11:00 AM- Kids Ministry Open, Worship Gathering (JrHigh Students and Adults), Bible Study (HS Students)  

Following the 11:00 Gathering – BBQ Lunch in the student building 

1:30-2:00 PM-  Closing Challenge with Ted Cunningham


$ 25
$ 75



How do you guide and support your grown children? Parenting doesn’t stop when your children grow up, and the nest doesn’t always empty when and how you thought it might or should. Your role changes but the sense of responsibility

continues. Drawing from Nancy’s book about parenting grown children, this

session will offer insight, encouragement and practical advice as we talk about how to build healthy relationships with our adult children.

This session will discuss what the Bible has to say about homosexuality, looking at key verses that show why such a lifestyle is not God’s best for our lives. It will also discuss how to have truthful yet compassionate conversations with our youth about this issue. We must not shy away from what the Scriptures say, but we must denounce bullying, listen to understand, and patiently allow God to work in the hearts of our young people. We must learn how to care without condoning OR condemning. (The same is true for the transgender issue).

So often, we think our family’s activities can hinder us from being on mission for God. What if God isn’t asking you to add or take anything away from your life but instead live ALL of life with Gospel intentionality?

What if you saw yourself and your family as missionaries – sent ones who take the Gospel to where they live, work, go to school, and play. Let’s look at how to live as missionaries – ordinary people living ordinary lives with an extraordinary purpose and power. 

“Smart” is a power word. Children who believe they’re smart and know how God made them excel more in school and approach life with greater confidence. But children who don’t can struggle to apply themselves. Do you wish your child would see how smart he or she is? 

If you are currently providing care for your aging parents, or facing the prospect of doing so in the near future, you are definitely not alone.  This session will draw from the book by Dr. Grant and Tammy Ethridge about parenting your parents to offer some practical tips, tools and spiritual encouragement to aid you in dealing with everyday caregiving struggles and situations without giving away your peace of mind in the process.

The accessibility of pornography through modern technology makes it a much bigger problem today than it ever was before. We will discuss why it is such a big problem now, how it is damaging our youth and our culture as a whole, how to talk about this issue with young people, and how to provide the support they need to win the battle against this cultural trend. We must encourage them to be transformed by renewing their minds in God’s truth, rather than being conformed to worldly patterns and passions. And let’s be honest, some of us as adults will need to take this struggle more seriously as well.

What is the most significant thing we can do for our children? The Bible shows us that it is to love and lead our kids to increasingly know, trust, and obey God. In this breakout we will explore some practical ways we do this. Hint…there is no silver bullet or magic parenting formula, however, there are some timeless principles from God’s Word that provide a guide for parents to help their children become who God created them to be.

This workshop will give you an opportunity to meet others seeking connection potentially connect in a LIFE Group. You were created to be in community with others. To know and to be known. Spiritual growth happens in the community of others engaging the Word, exchanging ideas, direction and discovering a personal relationship with Christ. LIFE Groups are such a place to do exactly that. Join us and get connected!

This workshop is a practical application of tools and opportunities that address real life and mentor others to this same goal of spiritual growth and community. 

Discipleship (Mentoring) is learning biblical precepts, applying what you have learned, giving them “feet” and helping others toward growing as followers of Christ. This is a cyclical process-as we are discipled, we are to disciple one another and others. 

Our greatest desire is to partner with parents in raising the next generation of Christ followers! Join us on Sunday Morning as we talk about this partnership and give different tools for you to continue what we have learned this weekend. We will give you practical times in your everyday life to talk about the things of God with your child.