See the New Normal: Week Two

LIFE Group Discussion Questions:

1) As you look at this story from Daniel 2, it’s clear that Daniel is dealing with a unique form of crazy in King Nebuchadnezzar. Yet the theme of evil and sinful leadership is common throughout the Bible. What other places in the Bible can you think of that show this pattern? What is God trying to say to us through this common thread in the Bible? How can we apply that personally in our own leadership?

2) What are some spiritual practices that have helped you personally draw near to God in the midst of difficult seasons? How would that season have looked different if you had a strong LIFE group of people by your side? Or if you did, what impact did that LIFE group have?

3)We’ve all faced challenges and obstacles that seemed impossible to overcome. Can you share an experience from your life where God turned an obstacle into an opportunity to show His faithfulness? Could you see what God was doing in the middle of the obstacle or only after it?

4) Think of someone you know who is currently in a difficult season of life. How can you encourage them in the midst of this obstacle? How can you be the hands and feet of Jesus for them?