Kids Ministry will be talking place throughout the weekend.


On Friday things will kick off at 5:15pm with a block party and registration. Dinner will begin at 6:00pm. 

Starting at 7:00 Kids will be in the kids building for their own worship, large group teaching, and small group time. 

Families with younger kids are welcome to leave after dinner. 


Kids Building will open at 8:30. All kids will spend the morning with their ages in Large group and Small Group Activities 

Lunch for kids will be with their parents at 12:00

Starting at 1:00 Kids will participate in a on-campus “The Amazing Race”! Once they are done families with kids will have free time till dinner on campus at 5:00pm.

After Dinner Kids will go back to the kids building for large group and small time!


Kids Ministry will be open for both 9:30 and 11:00 Gatherings! 

Lunch will be provided with their families! 

Elementary kids will be learning about the heart of worship and how to live a life of worship! Preschool Kids will be learning about how much Jesus loves them and everyone!